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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mad About Mondays

I used to work in a little cafe, and there was a big, well known coffee co-op right across the street from us. They were always really busy compared with us, although we did have a few loyal customers that always returned. The coffee co-op was always open on the weekends, but for some reason were never open on Mondays. Anyway, one Monday I went into work, and a little while after I started the most gorgeous man I've seen in a very, very long time walked in. He was with some work mates which didn't help the situation because as soon as I made eye contact with him I blushed and couldn't talk to any of them. I also completely messed up his coffee order. I thought he liked me because as he walked out he looked back at me through the window and caught me looking at him, then gave me a little smile and really, we all know that these sorts of situations only happen in the movies!! (I should probably mention at this point in the story that he's really quite shy and doesn't know how to talk to strangers properly).

I told my work mates about him and then every day they would wait for him to come in, and then we would all gather in the kitchen and dissect what he said to me, how he looked at me, etc. It was so funny even the owner got in on it and she would wait for his arrival every day, only to go into the kitchen and tell all the other girls to have a peek at him! I actually have her and my very close friend to thank. Obviously I told my friend all about him, and after he had been coming in for about 2 weeks she decided enough was enough. I was getting myself into a right state about him, not sure if he liked me, but sure he was, worried that he was going to stop coming in...blah blah you know how it goes! So anyway, my friend came in early one morning and told me that she was not leaving until she had seen him come in and order his coffee. Little did I know she had a plan with the owner of the cafe to give the poor thing my number. He says that when he walked in that day he knew that something was weird, especially since my friend and boss were standing there staring at him. That day he finally left with my number. I thought it would never happen! (He told me he was going to ask for my number the day after all this happened, so that if I said no he wouldn't have to come back as he's a painter and he was being moved to a different building. I'm so happy he got my number that day though, because he didn't go back to that job the next day.) He text me that same day, and 8 months later we are still together and going from strength to strength. Sounds revoltingly lovey dovey I know, but I just can't help myself. I'm mad about him :) Every time we walk/drive past that coffee co-op he tells me he wants to thank them for being shut on Mondays because he's so happy he met me.

June 3, 2010