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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Live Long And Prosper

Rob and I believe that we must have been meant for each other, but God was playing with the timing.
 My friend from high school was roommates with his best friend when they were at the Air Force Academy; if I’d visited, we’d have met.  Years later, when I was at college, I attended a Star Trek convention in Denver, where my friend and I won first place for a poem about Klingon eating habits.  I had thought of putting a note on the announcement board to the effect of “meet the authors,” but decided that sounded arrogant.  However, Rob was also at that convention, loved the poem, clipped it out, and searched unsuccessfully for us all weekend.  One note, and we’d have met then.  (He still had the poem when we met two years later.)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Red Sox Nation Romance Goes the Distance

Mom and Dad's Story

My Mother and Father were married for 42 years before my Mom passed away from Cancer.   They adored each other.  How they met was always something my Dad would tease my Mom about.   Her cousin was one of my Dad’s best friends, but they had never met.  After World War II my Dad came home. Both he and my Mom worked in Bath, Maine at the iron works shipping factory. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Perfect Balance

Jonathan and I met a week after my 21st birthday.

It was at a dueling piano bar and my friends decided to dedicate a birthday song to me, which led to me trying to hula-hoop on top of the piano while they sang happy birthday.

I saw Jonathan with his friends sitting at the table next to the piano and thought he was cute. My friends decided to let him know of my obvious crush and before you know it, he buys me a birthday drink. Although we exchanged numbers, after a few minutes of talking, I was not very smitten by his charm. He called a few days later and I decided I just wasn't interested. I had just ended a bad relationship, and he was enjoying his single life.

About a month later I inadvertently sent him a text. We ended up planning our first date. This was followed with a second date a few days later. Although I enjoyed his company, I was uneasy about starting to date again, but after weeks of hour long phone conversations I decided to give Jonathan a real chance. We spent Thanksgiving weekend together in 2008, and before we knew it we both felt something that was not only special, but complete. After six months of being together, Jonathan told me he was in love with me during a Sunday sunset at his beach house in Mexico. After that amazing night, I pretty much knew I was with the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.

 Jonathan and I could not be more opposite but we both have what the other person lacks and it’s a perfect balance :) I am so happy and glad that we found each other and would not change a thing!