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Monday, December 31, 2012

Finding That Perfect Ride

"I was at my first real college party. I was out of my dorm room with friends I had only just met that week, at a party being thrown by upper-class-men junior boys. I repeat: upper-class-men boys. Yeah, I know, it was pretty awesome. I didn’t have parents waiting for me to get home, I hadn’t had to create an elaborate rouse to allay suspicions of my whereabouts, and I wasn’t trying to pretend the drink in my hand was just a diet coke. I felt like a real college student. An adult, if you will.
There was only one thing that can put a damper on a perfect evening like this: your ride telling you she’s ready to got home. I had an immediate pang of disappointment since I was definitely not ready to leave yet. The booze was just starting to hit me and I had lots of people surrounding me and wanting to talk. I belonged, and I wanted to stay. “Okay,” she said, “We’ll just find you another ride home.”
She scanned the crowd, trying to find a ride for me and another freshman girl that had come together. Doing so is trickier than you think, I mean, what guy is she going to be able to find to drive two drunk freshmen girls home without any chance of taking advantage of them? “Chase.” She finally said. “Chase is perfect."
"He’s a super sweet Christian boy and the only reason he’s even at a party is because he broke up with his girlfriend. I’m sure he can take you home.”
After a quick chat it was arranged. We just had to remember what Chase looked like so we could find him at the end of the night. Again, this is easier said than done.  A few hours later I was every bad cliché of a college freshman you’ve ever heard. I had been sipping on some sort of fruity drink that camouflaged the amount of alcohol it contained, had kissed a random guy (and a girl too I think) and was literally stumbling out the door. I cannot tell you how we found Chase, or how I got into his raised Jeep Cherokee, but I know that it happened. I remember thanking him for the ride and trying to chat with him like it wasn’t taking all of my concentration to not throw up in the back of his car. I guess I can be thankful for small miracles because I was spared that embarrassment.
Honestly, I never thought for one second that I was being driven around by my future husband. If I had I might have tried to hold back on the drinks so I could make a better first impression. But regardless of how we met, I’m just glad that it happened."