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Monday, March 17, 2014

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

Since I met my husband in a local bar favored by the after-work crowd, I was happy to read that Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves also met at a favorite after work watering hole in West Hollywood.

She watched as a bearded man with a rasta hat worked hos way toward the bar. Her first reaction was to retreat to the other side of the club, but when mutual friend Lance Armstrong made the introductions, she realized things could be looking up.

Camila Alves is a very independent woman who was raised in the farmlands of Brazil. She came to LA to visit an aunt at the age of 15 and never left. For years she worked cleaning houses or waiting on tables before she got her big breaks in acting.

Matthew McConaughey is a born and bred Texan. he was first cast in a series of romantic comedies which formed the early years of his acting career. He took a break from Hollywood films to take on more challenging independent and dramatic roles. His Academy Award for his role in Dallas Buyer's Club is testimony to his versatile and accomplished acting.

Matthew proposed to Camila on Christmas day 2011, about four years after they met. She had never planned to marry, but love changes the best of career intentions.

The Alves-McConaughey family now has three children, two boys and a girl.

Camila Alves showed such love and support for her husband during the Academy award ceremony when she had to turn away from cameras in an attempt to hide the flow of tears which overwhelmed her during his emotional speech.

One more little fact about this couple made me like them even more. After Hurricane Katrina, the Alves-McConaughey family adopted many homeless pets from New Orleans, and more recenlty, Matthew rescued a local cat. Passing some boys who had doused the poor animal with hairspray and were attmpting to set it on fire, McConaughey intervened and took the cat home. Hooray for heroes!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson

Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton
Heart of oak are our ships, jolly tars are our men,
we always are ready; Steady, boys, steady!
We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again.

By the time Lord Horatio Nelson met Lady Emma Hamilton, he was a hero of epic stature in the eyes of the British Empire. His dramatic and bold actions against the French, during the Napoleonic Wars, led to one victory after another boosting the morale and hopes of his fellow Brits.

Although many details of the early life of Emma Hamilton are unclear, she is known to have lived in the village of Hawarden, where she worked as a maid. Her life turned more interesting when she became friends with a fellow domestic servant, Jane Powell, who introduced her to the life of an actress. Emma's beauty and charm led her into high society, where she became the mistress, and eventually the wife, of Sir William Hamilton.

Now, as Lady Hamilton, her former life of uncertainty and struggle was replaced with a solid position in late 18th century England. As wife of the British Envoy, Lady Hamilton met Horatio Nelson in 1793, when he came to gather reinforcements against the French during the Napoleonic Wars. He returned in 1798, a living legend after his celebrated victory at the Battle of the Nile, in Aboukir.

Emma is reputed to have flung herself upon Nelson in admiration, calling out “Oh God, is it possible?” The war had aged Nelson, and he was weakened by the loss of an arm during battle. Lady Hamilton nursed him back to health, under the roof of her husband, and arranged a party of 1,800 guests to celebrate Nelson’s 40th birthday.

In 1801, Emma gave birth to Nelson’s daughter, Horatia. They were still living in the house of Sir William, but this was soon to change. Nelson bought a small cottage near what is today Wimbledon, and set up a home with Emma, their daughter, her mother….and Sir William, who idolized Lord Nelson.

They became the "cult couple" of the time; the two most famous and celebrated Britons in the world. Their romance was tolerated, and even encouraged by all.

Go Navy!

 My husband Kevin was in the Royal Navy and in early 1978 he wrote to our local newspaper asking for pen pals. I had always enjoyed writing, so I sent a letter. We carried on exchanging letters and getting to know each other.

Toward the end of the year he came home on leave, and asked if we could meet. As I was only just 20 my dad made him come to the house, we hit it off straight away.

Within a month he asked me to marry him. 

We were engaged by January 1979 and married that July.

Lots of people said we were mad and it would never last.

On the 7th of July this year we had our 33nd anniversary and we are still happy and together.

 We also have two great kids now 25 and 29.