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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Digital Dating...The Perfect Date

I turned on my computer and took to the daily task of perusing through the five daily potential suitors selected for me by the internet dating gods.  Guy one, hot; yes.  Guy two, weird; no.  Guy three, interesting; investigate.  On closer inspection guy three claimed to spend his days rescuing cats from trees and saving damsels in distress.  His pictures told another story; handsome, mostly drunk and often in a suit.  At the very least I supposed he was worth a chance.  Guy three, why not? Yes.
I was at work and my phone buzzed. Either it was a text from my friend (who Lucy now calls my boyfriend) confirming a man-date or another useless junk email. It was an email. I had a look at it and it was a ‘wink’ from Lucyjayne32.  I did the first thing guys do, and looked through the pictures. I was impressed (ding dong) so I thought I would read the words too! I liked what I saw; apparently “rarely seen without a fabulous handbag and a large coffee”, her profile made me laugh, so I thought up some of my best witty banter and fired an email off. 
Email received.  The handsome fireman actually worked in finance.  I preferred this.  His emails were entertaining so I replied.  Over the next few weeks we exchange emails, and FINALLY he asked me out on a date...
Our first date took place in a pub in Central London on a wet January evening.  This is always the worst part about internet dating (apart from telling people that is how you met).  Luckily we were both truthful in selecting our pictures and we successfully identified each other at the bar and stayed for the first drink.

Always a perfect gentlemen, especially when forming first impressions, Matt bought me a drink and we found a seat in the crowded bar.  He was ill and had nearly lost his voice (but trying to hide it) which made hearing each other difficult.  We managed to persist and the drinks continued to flow (7 gin and tonics if you’re counting...).  By the end of the date I liked this guy.  We walked out of the bar and to the end of the road, where we went our separate ways home, but not before Matt asked me out to dinner the next week, and it was his smile when I said yes that made it the perfect date. 
September 25,2010