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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Steve Jobs

The late Steve Jobs was the iconic, sometimes controversial, and always brilliant mind behind Apple Inc..

To me, he exemplified courage in entrepreneurship and creativity.

He seemed to face his biggest challenge, his battle with cancer, in the same way he faced challenges all his life; to think “beyond what anyone thought possible” and to do “some great work, really great work that will go down in history.”

When it came to romance, apparently Jobs followed the same game plan.

When Steve met his wife Laurene, she was in an MBA program at Stanford University. Jobs was scheduled to be at a business meeting when he decided to follow his heart instead of his agenda;

“If this was my last night on earth, would I rather spend it at a business meeting, or with this woman?”

He ran across the parking lot, from which they were both heading out, and asked if she would have dinner with him. She said ‘yes’, they walked back into town and were together ever since.

I’m sure during the  successful and long lasting relationship the journey was made smoother by some of the lessons Steve Lohr of the NYT writes that Jobs has left behind;

Good ideas take time,
Don’t dwell on mistakes,
And, perhaps most important,
Passion counts for a lot.