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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Love Story

I was 35 and had lived an independent life: I had traveled much, lived and worked in the West and in the East, and met many wonderful people. Yes, life had been great - except one thing: I had never met the special someone with whom I wanted to share my life. Being 35 (not exactly a spring chicken anymore) I did not expect that this would happen anymore. Sad.
Well, I have a good friend – her name is Birgit. She is rather a sister to me because her mom lived in my dad’s house and we girls grew up together. Birgit has been part of my life since I was twelve (she was 17 than) and over the years I met all her other relatives. We all got very close and liked each other dearly. My big family!
The day that changed everything was when Birgit turned 40 and she threw her big birthday celebration and belated wedding party in the country side near the German Harz mountains. Of course, I was invited and knew most of the guests. Well, most of them - except one… “Inga, this is my cousin Michel. Funny, but I think you have never met before”, Birgit said. It turned out that we were both from Berlin and actually neighbors! I looked at him and thought: “Oh my, what a show off!” He wore snake leather boots and his shirt was unbuttoned to the belly button! I just started talking to him because I wanted to tease him.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still My Hero

How we met is not so exciting - although, of course it did feel exciting at the time!  We worked together at a mental health facility; I was an art therapist.  The story I tell is that we ran groups together and when a little male urchin in the group heaved a metal stool at me, Larry caught it in mid-air just in front of my face.  He saved me many medical bills and was from then on my hero!  The story is true, but in fact he had already become my hero.  Much of the rest of our story is connected to winning his family over,as I am not Jewish.  After we had been together some time, Larry was severely burned in a cooking accident.Finally he came home from the hospital after three months.Since  I was going to be in charge of his home care, I had to be trained in changing the dressings etc.
I picked him up from the hospital and we headed home.Knowing how weak he had become,I had his bed set up downstairs so he could come in and just fall into it, which is exactly what he did.  I also had an old black and white TV which had a pull button to turn it on.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Single?

I hope it's okay to write a story about someone you met and dated only a few times.
My friend and I used to go skiing on our days off. Since we worked at a health club, and made no money at all, we used to try to sneak on the lifts without buying a ski pass. The trick was to split up, find the singles in line, get on the outside so the lift attendant couldn't check for your ticket, and be deep in a lively conversation as you got on the lift. Of course, the other "trick" was to find the cute guys in line. Why waste time?
This one day we arrived and I immediately saw this very cute guy who looked perfect to be an "illegal" lift partner. I skied over and said, "Are you single?" I had meant to say "a single" but I guess my real meaning came out. He laughed and said "Yes". This was a slow chairlift that went all the way to the top of the mountain. We had lots of time to chat. We skied together all day, and he even changed lines for me so I wouldn't be caught without a ticket. He was only in town for the week, but we had a great time together. So ladies, if you want to know something...just ask.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

She Still Lights Up The Room

Illumination occurs in many ways. A room can light up from a switch turning on a bulb, or from the love radiating from a special person.
 In the late 1970s I was living for a few winters in Stowe, VT and returning to Ocean City, MD for the summer seasons. In 1981 I had decided that it was time to move on from the beach life, and called my former employers at a country inn to see if I could work there again. The innkeeper told me that my job was available, and I made arrangements to arrive just before Christmas. On December 23 I began a journey that involved several modes of transportation including a Greyhound bus, an overnight Amtrak train, and a friend who met me in Waterbury, VT and drove me to the inn. I walked in, tired from the trip, greeted the innkeepers, and was introduced to some of the staff that was working.

The Secret Formula Succeeds

Probably the best place to meet anyone on a blind date is in a beer tent at a beer fest in Germany especially if you are into your second mug of beer. The rules for engagement or in the case of most blind dates, disengagement are plentiful at a beer fest. The avenues for escape are immense and are arrayed in all directions via the endless lines of tables filled with people. The haze of smoke and bleary eyed witnesses is also advantageous to one seeking an exit earlier than anticipated. It is under these circumstances that Larry met Sally in August of 1980 in Augsburg, Germany (in those days it was West Germany rather than just Germany).