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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Instant Chemistry

Falling in love with my best friend was just a bonus! 
October 31st 2003
Megan wasn't supposed to be out, especially at a party and especially  not in Costa Mesa. Christian being the 'Hooligan' he was at that age, just so happened to be at the same party "scoping" the place out for chicks.

Christian had his eye on Meg pretty much the whole night and eventually got the nerve to say "Hello" or wait more like "Hey BabyGirlllll".
So with a typical eye roll Meg turned around ready to tell this kid to buzz off BUT instead was pleasantly surprised who she was to be greeted by.
There stood Christian, this skinny, confident, blond, amazing smelling, blue eyed..(wait almost hazel) and well to put frank,  in Meg's 16 year old (almost 17) mind, Christian was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen!!
And there he was talking to her!
Christian and Meg hit it off right from the start.
December 18th will be our wedding date next year! We just booked the venue!