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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable

On this April Fool's Day, famous internationally for well timed practical jokes, let's celebrate the love of Lombard and Clark, one of Hollywood's most beloved couples both on and off the silver screen, and one who kept their romance alive with humor and a  passion for extravagant pranks.

It was 1936 and two legends from the silver screen, Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, met, fell in love, married, and became one of the most famous couples during the Golden Age of Hollywood. 

Carole Lombard was a gorgeous, sexy, blond whose brilliance as a comic actress made her the highest paid star in Hollywood. Off screen she was much loved for her unpretentious personality and well known for her down to earth sense of humor and acerbic quips. Clark Gable was everybody's favorite leading man. handsome, charming, and always the romantic lead, he had a fan following unmatched by most.

The two originally met in 1932 during the filming of  No Man of Her Own, but met again in 1936 at a ball organized by Lombard. Gable proposed to Lombard in 1939 in a telephone booth at the very famous Brown Derby restaurant. Humor, intelligence, and a passion for jokes kept the original spark alive all through their marriage.

After a fight one time, Gable awoke to a flock of doves in his hotel suite. A request for a kitten resulted in the arrival of a baby cougar brought back from a Gable safari.

In 1941 returning home from a trip to boost morale for U.S. troops heading off to WWII, Carole Lombard was killed when her flight crashed shortly after take off in Las Vegas; she was only 33. Clark Gable was inconsolable and joined the U.S. Army Air Forces. he was later in attendance at the christening of the SS Carole Lombard.

When he died in 1960, Clark Gable was buried alongside Carole Lombard in Glendale, California.


Friday, February 3, 2017

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

When romantic meetings occur, usually one person has to take the initiative to ensure that the relationship progresses beyond the initial spark. Queen Victoria had no reservation in expressing her desire to marry Prince Albert of Saxe- Coburg in 1839. Victoria knew that he was "the one" after the Prince visited Windsor with his brother on October 10th. They could not make an appearance at dinner, due to the fact that their luggage had been lost in a stormy Channel crossing, but Albert appeared after dinner in more informal attire. Victoria found him extremely attractive and charming, and found her own heart "quite going".
Albert was summoned to a private audience during which the queen proposed marriage. Albert joyfully accepted and the couple embraced "over and over again". Their engagement was filled with kindnesses and kisses and their marriage filled with love, support, and mutual respect and admiration.

Weintraub,Stanley;Victoria. EP Dutton,NY 1987

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Real Bond Girl

When Alex Chapman saw Anna Kuschenko across a crowded dance floor in 2001, he immediately thought she was" the most beautiful girl he had ever seen".

The couple married just five months later and, now we know, that Alex Chapman was Anna's ticket to a dual Russian-British citizenship.

During 2003-2004 Chapman became concerned over his wife's new group of "secretive, well-connected Russian friends."He was usually excluded from her outings and the marriage fell apart, ending in divorce in 2006. An FBI sting led to the arrest of Anna Kuschenka in 2010, and she became part of the biggest spy swap between the United States and Russia since 1986.

So... what happened to Alex Chapman? After cooperating fully with the investigative authorities by telling them all he knew of his ex-wife's suspicious activities, he engaged a well known media publicist and is on his way to fame and fortune.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Sayre

F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was named after his famous, distant cousin, Francis Scott Key.

As a young man, Fitzgerald attended Princeton University, where, ironically, his writing interfered with his coursework. He was placed on academic probation, eventually dropped out, and joined the U.S. Army.

Now commissioned as a second lieutenant in the infantry, he was shipped off to Camp Sheridan outside of Montgomery, Alabama. Here he met and fell in love with "golden girl" Zelda Sayre.

When Zelda called off the engagement, due to Fitzgerald's lack of fame and fortune, he returned to a previous autobiographical piece, The Romantic Egotist. 

His revised novel, This Side of Paradise, was a triumphant success.

F. Scott and Zelda were married and went on to live their now famous lives of heart ache and despair.

Their only child, Scottie Fitzgerald, said about her parents,

"People who live entirely by the fertility of their imaginations are fascinating, brilliant and often charming, but they should be sat next to at dinner parties, not lived with."

Friday, September 9, 2016

Luis Tiant and Maria Navarro

Back in the 70's any Red Sox fan was familiar with the chant, "Looo-ee, Looo-ee"
whenever Luis Tiant came on the field.

Tiant was one of the early players coming out of the famous Cuban League. He was always a huge presence in any game and a huge hit with all the fans. His love of cigars earned him the nick-name "El Tiante".

As a young player Tiant traveled from Cuba to pitch for the Tigers in the Mexico League.In 1960, on one of his days off, he accompanied friends to see a woman's softball game. As Maria Navarro came running in from center field, she saw a handsome young man in the stands blow her a kiss.

A few days later, Maria and Luis met more formally at a teammate's party. They talked, danced and began dating soon after.

On October 1st of that year, Luis went back to Cuba The couple stayed in touch through letters and occasional phone calls. On May 25, 1961 Luis landed in Mexico City on one of the last flights allowed to leave Cuba.

Luis and Maria were married. Maria remained in Mexico City to live and raise their children, while Luis played in the major leagues. In 1974, at the height of his Red Sox success, the family moved to an area just outside of Boston, and Maria could be found at Fenway Park whenever the Sox were in town.

Her love affair with her husband and with the Red Sox continues, as she enters her own 70's.
She now watches the games in her living room in Ft. Meyers, Florida...but the same intensity is still there.

She wears her Red Sox shirt,or her lucky hat, and joins thousands of other fans leaping up from their seats, pleading and praying as the World Series continues.

As the NYT blog asks, is this series Redux for the Red Sox?   (October27,2013 1:22AM)

This, of course, is this Series. But the story was the same in 1975, between the Red Sox and the Reds.
Boston won Game 1, 6-0; the Reds won Game 2, 3-2, after rallying with two runs in the ninth; and the Reds won Game 3 in the 10th inning moments after the famous play in which Ed Armbrister, having bunted, bumped Carlton Fisk, who then threw wildly to second base. Larry Barnett ruled (correctly, though we didn’t know that until quite a while later) that interference should not be called because the contact was inadvertent.
My guess is that the similarities will end Sunday, since Luis Tiant can’t come out of retirement to throw a complete-game victory on three days’ rest, as he did in Game 4 in 1975. But so far, this is a little weird.

What about El Tiante? He is back at Fenway running his businesses and working for the Red Sox organization.

And...we all hope that in the coming days LOOO_EE will be passing out some victory Tiant Cigars.

Let's go Sox!

Monday, August 1, 2016

Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson

I am a shameless Barack and Michelle Obama supporter and really admire the Obamas as a couple.

Michelle Robinson is an attorney and was, at the time of their meeting, working at the very prestigious firm of Sidley Austin in Chicago. In June 1989 she was assigned a summer associate to mentor,Barack Obama.

By all accounts, Barack had a pretty good opinion of himself, and I would bet that Michelle's first impression was one involving eye rolling and raised eyebrows, but...that Obama charm, personality, and smile eventually won her over.

Barack and Michelle attended many social functions together and, although she was impressed by his intelligence, sense of humor, and good looks, she always declined Obama's requests to date. Finally at the end of the summer she gave way to her feelings and their friendship evolved into a relationship. Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama became engaged in 1991. They were married on October 3, 1992.

So, here's to a couple who inspires me everyday and provides truly great role models for couples everywhere.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

John Keats and Joseph Severn

 If you find yourself over on the Spanish Steps in Rome, take time to stop in at 26 Piazza de Spagna to view the rooms occupied by John Keats in his final months of life.

On Spetember 17,1820 Joseph Severn accompanied Keats to Rome in an attempt to find a cure for Keat's lingering illness. For Severn this trip was a sacrifice born of the love and admiration he felt for the young poet. Severn was leaving England as his own artistic career was beginning to flourish. His decision also marked the end of  his relationship with his father. He writes about their farewell that (his father)"in his insane rage he struck me a blow which fell me to the ground."

Severn provided constant care to Keats as his health failed and he began to slip away. Often watching his beloved friend endure the horrific attempts of 19th Century medicine to cure tuberculosis, Severn was at a loss as to how to relieve the emotional and physical suffering barely endured by Keats.

Recognizing his friend's selfless devotion, Keats wonders aloud to Severn,

""Severn I can see under your quiet look -- immense twisting and contending -- you don't know what you are reading -- you are induring [sic] for me more than I'd have you -- O! that my last hour was come --"

Severn's poignant sketch of Keats, finally sleeping peacefully just before the end, revelas a patient and enduring love for his subject.

Joseph Severn lived the remainder of his life in Rome. After a successful marriage, art career, and service as British Consul in Rome, along with fathering 7 children, Severn died at the age of 85. He is buried in Rome alongside his once loved friend and poet, John Keats.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

Congratulations to Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe on the birth of their son, Ashe.

During his opening monologue, Seth Meyers did a lovely job of sharing the Easter Sunday rush to the hospital as Ashe decided to arrive two weeks early. Seth credited Uber driver, Tariq for his calm compassion and capability in the face of a stressful situation. Of course, Seth then went on to praise his wife for enduring intense labor in the back seat of the car and holding it together until they arrived to meet their "bunny-eared" baby delivery team.

Seth and Alexi met, as many couples do, at the wedding of a friend. In this case it was Chris Kattan. It was love at first sight and the couple married in October 2013. Unfortunately Alexi had another rushed trip to the ER when she suffered food poisoning at the rehearsal dinner. As she lay passed out on the gurney, a nurse walked by and commented "You're not getting married today." That's all Alexi needed! She sat up, recovered and said "I'm getting married today!"

I like her style...they make a great match.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis

The romance between Maria Callas and Aristotle Onassis remains one of the legendary and tempestuous ones of modern times. Maria Callas, an American born Greek soprano, was considered one of the most renowned opera singers of the twentieth century. 

Aristotle Onassis, an √©migr√© from Turkey, established himself over time as one of the world’s wealthiest men. When the two superstars met in Venice in 1957, both were at the height of their power, fame, and attraction. The fact that Callas was married at the time of their meeting, did nothing to dissuade Onassis from pursuing what he wanted. He extended several invitations to Maria and her husband to join him on his yacht, the Christina, and each time the invitation was refused.