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Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Call Him Beethoven, I Call Him Piano Man

I met Horace in an online chat room. I find it interesting that given the infiltration of the internet into our culture, the demands on our lives which prevent us from actually going out to meet people “the traditional way” coupled with general guardedness and mistrust that there is still an unnecessary stigma to meeting people online – even in January of 2009.
Horace had a greeting in his online profile that said “I’m boring”. I found this rather humorous and sent him a private message asking “what makes you so boring?”

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It Could Happen

The music was blaring so loud I could hardly follow the conversation of the guy in front of me. Above him on the large video screen Shakira was dancing with reckless abandon, purring into the microphone with so much sexual innuendo that if my mother was in the room I would be blushing. Fortunately, I was not with my mother. I was at Club Cafe, one of Boston's busiest gay clubs, sipping my last gin and tonic of the night, smiling and chatting with a handsome, friendly guy originally from Miami.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Please Leave A Message

Matt and I went to the same high school and had some mutual friends, but we never dated, and hardly actually hung out much. Well, about 4 yrs after high school, one of our mutual friends, Ashley (who was actually my MOH), was in town, and we went to a street dance in a neighboring town. Matt was there with some of his friends, and we all started hanging out. After that night, I couldn't stop thinking about him and I decided to call him. I got his number from Ashley and called his phone. He didn't answer, so I just left a message. About 1/2hr later he called me from one of his friends' phones. He hadn't gotten my message, but wanted to call me too! We started talking everyday and have been together since!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Digital Dating...The Perfect Date

I turned on my computer and took to the daily task of perusing through the five daily potential suitors selected for me by the internet dating gods.  Guy one, hot; yes.  Guy two, weird; no.  Guy three, interesting; investigate.  On closer inspection guy three claimed to spend his days rescuing cats from trees and saving damsels in distress.  His pictures told another story; handsome, mostly drunk and often in a suit.  At the very least I supposed he was worth a chance.  Guy three, why not? Yes.
I was at work and my phone buzzed. Either it was a text from my friend (who Lucy now calls my boyfriend) confirming a man-date or another useless junk email. It was an email. I had a look at it and it was a ‘wink’ from Lucyjayne32.  I did the first thing guys do, and looked through the pictures. I was impressed (ding dong) so I thought I would read the words too! I liked what I saw; apparently “rarely seen without a fabulous handbag and a large coffee”, her profile made me laugh, so I thought up some of my best witty banter and fired an email off. 

Mad About Mondays

I used to work in a little cafe, and there was a big, well known coffee co-op right across the street from us. They were always really busy compared with us, although we did have a few loyal customers that always returned. The coffee co-op was always open on the weekends, but for some reason were never open on Mondays. Anyway, one Monday I went into work, and a little while after I started the most gorgeous man I've seen in a very, very long time walked in. He was with some work mates which didn't help the situation because as soon as I made eye contact with him I blushed and couldn't talk to any of them. I also completely messed up his coffee order. I thought he liked me because as he walked out he looked back at me through the window and caught me looking at him, then gave me a little smile and really, we all know that these sorts of situations only happen in the movies!! (I should probably mention at this point in the story that he's really quite shy and doesn't know how to talk to strangers properly).