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Sunday, February 19, 2012

In A Heartbeat

It started off with a planned trip to Australia after graduating from the university with one of my best friends.  We wanted to take a break before entering the "real world", so we decided to go to Australia for a year on a working holiday visa.  We thought we'd be able to get jobs working at one of the beach-side resorts or on a cruise line.  Unfortunately, after arriving in Australia, we quickly ran out of money and found it was much harder to get hospitality work than we originally thought it would be.  So one day while we were surfing the internet for work in a hostel in Brisbane, we came across a work hostel that was taking in backpackers.  We booked our rooms and coach ride to Bundaberg.  

The night we arrived in Bundaberg, I wanted to cry after seeing where we would be staying.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Toldya So

“Honestly Tania, you have to meet him, he is perfect for you!”  I rolled my eyes at Nat.  We’d known each other for about 2 months, since she had moved down from Sydney.  About 3 weeks before she had started to bug me about meeting a friend of hers – Vas.  She was convinced we were very well suited and should get together.    No-one ever believes their friends, do they?  I mean – it’s not like they really KNOW us and can pick the right person without all our internal biases, is it?
“Nat, hun, honestly, I don’t think so.“
 I was busy, mum had died recently, and I was worried about my dad. Plus, this guy was in Sydney; no use to me 9 hours away.  It’s not like I could leave my family right now.  A long distance relationship was the last thing I wanted on my shoulders.