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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cupid and Psyche

Pan Comforts Psyche

The story of Cupid and Psyche is the story of what true love is really all about 

Cupid, sent on a vengeful mission by his very jealous mother, Venus, is instructed to make the beautiful Psyche fall in love with a hideous creature. Of course, Cupid falls for Psyche himself and is then left with the dilemma well known to most married men; how to keep both your mother and your bride happy. 

Cupid, trying to protect Psyche from the complications of having gods and goddesses in the family, keeps his identity from her. The lovers are perfectly content until Psyche experiences what most women experience in a new relationship; doubt fostered by "well meaning" friends and family. 

The photo to the left depicts a lovely sculpture showing a very sad Psyche seeking comfort from Pan after she breaks her promise with Cupid. She has tricked Cupid to discover his identity, and he is forced to leave her. Pan looks as if he is teaching Psyche what she already knows to be true. Love thrives on trust, and one must follow the heart when finding that special someone. 

To regain her love with Cupid, Psyche is forced by Venus to go through many terrible tasks. Psyche now knows her heart and is willing to do anything to get her god back. Cupid learns that sometimes you have to make Mom a little angry in order to preserve your marriage; so he insists that the torture cease and whisks his bride away to eternal bliss. 

Happy Valentine's Day!