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Throughout history stories of romantic meetings are chronicled and passed down through the ages.

Now it's your turn to share your story. We want to know,
So... How Did You Meet Anyway?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lucky Day

Here is a "how we met" legend, passed along from  a fellow Vermonter to you.

When I was 20 I took a year off from college to take a break from the books. I got a job driving a delivery truck for a local egg farm: Lucky Day Eggs.
My day started at 5:00AM, and my job was to make egg deliveries to  a bunch of small restaurants in our area. My favorite stop was at a little delicatessen called The Lunch Box. I'd get there around 8:00AM and get to talk with the girl who was getting everything ready for the upcoming lunch rush. She was really cute and I was "in love", but how do you make a move during a ten minute egg delivery? Well one day the truck broke down by the restaurant where my cute girl worked. Now I had the time I the phone the the girl. And the title of this story?...It's obvious.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Strategies That Work

Sarah and I met two ways. The first time we met, it was at the nursery at University Hospital in Cleveland. She was visiting her new nephew and I was visiting my new niece -- both recent graduates of the birthing program there. We chatted but I went off to visit my sister and she her sister-in-law and we somehow missed connecting again that day.

Then, about three months later, we met at a bar. So we have both stories -- the cute one and the dissipated one!

We both suffered from that "don't I know you from somewhere" feeling, but were both too embarrassed to use such an obvious pick-up line. Anyway, we started dating the very next day. 28 days later we were engaged. Six months later, married. My strategy: don't give Sarah time to think that she may be making a mistake.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I was a shy college junior who had never dated in high school and had never had a real “date” in college.  Since I attended the “party” school in Minnesota, it was not unusual to be seen at parties with friends.  After moving into an apartment in a private home in my sophomore year along with five other girls, we decided we needed to keep our eyes open for the men out there.  Since our apartment was situated on a street that included sororities and fraternities, we determined that searching would not be too difficult.  Some time in January of that school year, we noticed that just across the street from our apartment the house was sporting a legal stop sign on the porch wall.  It was winter with lots of snow and we saw that one of the guys didn’t mind running out to his car in bare feet!  As we continued watching that house and the comings and goings, we decided it was time to meet the characters that lived there.  After all, we were just being neighborly! 

Friday, September 3, 2010

How Kate Met Alan

In 4th grade Alan moved to my town and rode the bus with my brother. He used to come to my house for play with my brother but I don't remember him. He claims to remember me playing with my large number of barbie dolls while they were trying to play video games. In 5th grade he moved away and we never heard from him again until my brother went to college at Iowa State University. Alan recognized my brother at a fraternity rush function and they became friends again and roommates. Alan’s parents lived in Tennessee so he would come to our house for holidays and that’s when I met him again. 2 years later, I went to Iowa State and also became friends with Alan. Alan asked me out when I was a freshman and a junior, and even sent me flowers once, but I always said no.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Love Poem for the Ages

So through the eyes love attains the heart:
For the eyes are the scouts of the heart,
And the eyes go reconnoitering
For what it would please the heart to possess.
And when they are in full accord
And firm, all three, in one resolve,
At that time, perfect love is born