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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Still My Hero

How we met is not so exciting - although, of course it did feel exciting at the time!  We worked together at a mental health facility; I was an art therapist.  The story I tell is that we ran groups together and when a little male urchin in the group heaved a metal stool at me, Larry caught it in mid-air just in front of my face.  He saved me many medical bills and was from then on my hero!  The story is true, but in fact he had already become my hero.  Much of the rest of our story is connected to winning his family over,as I am not Jewish.  After we had been together some time, Larry was severely burned in a cooking accident.Finally he came home from the hospital after three months.Since  I was going to be in charge of his home care, I had to be trained in changing the dressings etc.
I picked him up from the hospital and we headed home.Knowing how weak he had become,I had his bed set up downstairs so he could come in and just fall into it, which is exactly what he did.  I also had an old black and white TV which had a pull button to turn it on.
 I had to run to work (I was in the middle of a job change), so I left him with a string attached to the TV button  incase he woke up and wanted to watch something.  I ran to work and a kid dropped her pants and took off across campus on me so I was tied up a bit.
When I got home, I walked in and there was this very loud white noise sound...Lar had pulled the string, the TV came on as planned ...but I had failed to set it on a channel or adjust the volume he was stuck lying there with no picture and a very loud fuzz blaring for hours.
Despite this mishap, the care I gave to him won over his family and, of course, I was won over ,too. I converted to Judaism, we had a beautiful Jewish wedding and we are grateful for each other.
The day of the never ending TV static was Lar's 30th B-day!  We are hoping to do better on his 60th!