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Friday, November 26, 2010

My Love Story

I was 35 and had lived an independent life: I had traveled much, lived and worked in the West and in the East, and met many wonderful people. Yes, life had been great - except one thing: I had never met the special someone with whom I wanted to share my life. Being 35 (not exactly a spring chicken anymore) I did not expect that this would happen anymore. Sad.
Well, I have a good friend – her name is Birgit. She is rather a sister to me because her mom lived in my dad’s house and we girls grew up together. Birgit has been part of my life since I was twelve (she was 17 than) and over the years I met all her other relatives. We all got very close and liked each other dearly. My big family!
The day that changed everything was when Birgit turned 40 and she threw her big birthday celebration and belated wedding party in the country side near the German Harz mountains. Of course, I was invited and knew most of the guests. Well, most of them - except one… “Inga, this is my cousin Michel. Funny, but I think you have never met before”, Birgit said. It turned out that we were both from Berlin and actually neighbors! I looked at him and thought: “Oh my, what a show off!” He wore snake leather boots and his shirt was unbuttoned to the belly button! I just started talking to him because I wanted to tease him.

Well… We talked all night at the campfire, later he slept in the hallway in front of my bedroom door in Birgit’s house. Hahaha!

I found out that he is the most wonderful man on this planet and very soon, we became the happiest couple. We have never been separated during the last five years and two years ago, we got married. 

Isn’t it very strange and funny that I grew up with his family and they all knew me since I was a child? I had traveled the world, but my love has been always so close… waiting.   Fate?