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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Are You Single?

I hope it's okay to write a story about someone you met and dated only a few times.
My friend and I used to go skiing on our days off. Since we worked at a health club, and made no money at all, we used to try to sneak on the lifts without buying a ski pass. The trick was to split up, find the singles in line, get on the outside so the lift attendant couldn't check for your ticket, and be deep in a lively conversation as you got on the lift. Of course, the other "trick" was to find the cute guys in line. Why waste time?
This one day we arrived and I immediately saw this very cute guy who looked perfect to be an "illegal" lift partner. I skied over and said, "Are you single?" I had meant to say "a single" but I guess my real meaning came out. He laughed and said "Yes". This was a slow chairlift that went all the way to the top of the mountain. We had lots of time to chat. We skied together all day, and he even changed lines for me so I wouldn't be caught without a ticket. He was only in town for the week, but we had a great time together. So ladies, if you want to know something...just ask.