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Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Ending

When I arrived at the university town of Giessen, I was desperate to find an apartment. As I was looking over the advertisements for living space, I met another student from my hometown. We hit it off and decided to be roommates. It turned out to be not such a great idea. I ended up falling in love and he ended up being a callous jerk who hurt me by bringing home other women, and playing with my emotions. Years into this relationship, and still trying to pull myself out, I was at work one night when my friend brought in a friend of hers who had just returned from Seattle. I was really attracted to him and called the next week to ask him to come to an event my university department was having. He would come, he said, but he was bringing his cousin."Sure!" I thought. I could just imagine all the girls who would hang around such a cute guy. Well,he showed up the next night with his "cousin", but left the event with me. He and I have been together through ups and downs for 16 years. And my ex? He became a gynecologist. The perfect ending for everyone.