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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little Guacamole Goes a Long Way.

Keron and I met through mutual friends. She had moved to the small town of Bryson City, NC to get away from the city of Nashville, TN. Her landlord lived next door to my mother and owned a pub that I frequented. One day I was at this pub with my friend Ed. His wife Sharon called and asked if we wanted to go to meet her and some friends for Mexican food. I agreed and we met Sharon, Keron, and her mother Dana at the restaurant. I didn't talk much during our meal because Sharon is a big talker and Dana and Keron were busy keeping up with their ends of the conversation. At the end of the meal I was very surprised when Keron's mother insisted that she pay for the entire meal. I learned later that Keron lived right behind my mother's house. I ran into her infrequently until I had dropped enough hints to our mutual friends and built enough confidence to ask her out.