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Saturday, January 19, 2013

She Said...

Shica's Story
I met this LOUD, annoying dude at an event hosted by some mutual friends.  He would just make fun of any and everyone that he possibly could, he was relentless.  He started to call me Old Auntie.  Oh, he grated my nerves and my roommate at the time thought that he was THE funniest thing that the world ever created. When that circle of friends would host an event, she would pontificate on whether he would be there and I would cross my fingers that he would decline the invite.  She always won.

One day, the ladies of my book club decided to venture out to a social gathering together, that was hosted by the same circle of folks who happened to work with the loud dude.  Shock, shock, surprise... he was
there.  When we were all leaving the party, he asked for my phone number, he had this coupon book that he was using for his lead in to ask me out on a date.  That was a fresh breath of air in the world of
that can be the Pretentiousness of A-town and I preferred someone who was being direct in his efforts to take me out, while showing that he fully intended to pay for it (though admitting that he wasn't balling out of control in the process).  I gave him my number, we went out on a few dates.  But, he never really said much of anything.

After reading books like He's Just Not That Into You, I figured that he just liked the company of my roommate. So I proceeded to hold him at arm's length.  If he wasn't going to flat out tell me that he was interested, I didn't know what to tell him..

When I did see and speak with him, I came to find that he was an awesome Bible Student, completely devoted to serving God.  Not just in lip service, but I was able to see a sermon lived out in his life on
a regular basis - he taught the youth at his church, mentored the kids from his community, passionately assisted them in making steps to better their lives, made sure to be involved in the lives of his friends.

The loud annoying dude was becoming more real to me now.

This was not a quick sweep you off your feet, this was a long, steady, and gradual test of tried and true.  I am elated that that loud dude has evolved in my heart and mind into someone who I consider to be my very best friend, partner in crime, road dog, and all around the one that I know will be in my corner for life.  So, all of that's to say - don't go with your first impression of anyone, you just might be wrong!