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Saturday, January 19, 2013

He Said...

Hmm...  Though both of them HAD to have been there, SOMEHOW they do not always see eye to eye on how it happened...
Eric's Story
I met Shica when she was dressed as a childhood fantasy, Betty Rubble. Dang,but she tricked me.She was not at all  interested in the party we were attending, so I thought that she looked like my Auntie Shica.

I started calling her that.  (For some reason, she did not like me calling her that)  I kept seeing her at different events, and she kept looking like she was not interested in being there, so I kept making fun of her.  This caused her to hate The Wonderful EB. 

 But, her friend kept waving her flaming, burning desire by constantly mentioning my name over and over again - keeping me at the forefront of her mind.  After constantly seeing her at different events, I was finally worn down, so I decided to ask her out at a party hosted at the Covered Bridge Condos.

I had an awesome coupon book to some of  Atlanta's Finest dining establishments. And because Shica is so enamored with savings, her eyes lit up with glee at the vast possibilities that my coupon book would hold.  I could see the wheels turning in her discounted mind as she conspired to be a beneficiary of every coupon in the book. 

 "How could I decline a date for the rest of the year?" 

Since that day, Shica has been trying to cultivate and develop a more debonair (that bourgie Hampton part of her) side of me.  Little did she know that I was indoctrinating her into life a la Southwest Atlanta (aka SWATS).  I've learned a great deal of the Virginia lifestyle along the way.  We have budded into an awesome relationship.

We've had a lot of good times, movies, restaurants,and trips. We've been supportive in times of need, ups and downs, and just overall growth.  Who couldn't help but to fall in love with someone who wanted to hang around me, so it got me to thinking... How cool would it be to make her all mine?  I decided on July 6, 2010 that I would make her EB's and God's Property.      
Who would have thunk it - Auntie Shica would soon be Mrs. Eric S.Bowen.

See what a simple question and a coupon book can do for you?