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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Raven Fyresoul meets Queen Adia

We have a story that spans across a decade. Some of you may remember Yahoo Chat before it was overrun by porn bots. I remember my first time on Yahoo Chat like it was yesterday. I had just finished my routine after school viewing of Sailor Moon on Cartoon Network's Toonami and I wanted to go look for backgrounds that I could print out and put on my binder. 

We had just gotten a computer that year. It was a Gateway and it was huge! So I get on and Netscape suggested I visit Yahoo! So I went and was so excited to talk to other Sailor Moon fans in the Arts and Entertainment section. 

It was there that I was introduced to RPG in the user made rooms. After a few weeks of observing, I decided to make a character. Oh, how I remember her well. I was such a Sailor Moon freak and that was also the year Star Wars Episode I came out. So please do not make fun of my character. My screen name? Neo_Queen_Adia_of_Narybu. Yes, I went there. I went to Geocities (remember them?) and created a web page for my kingdom and I start recruiting. 

Soon I had handmaidens, an advisor, a personal guard, and other palace workers and we were all just enjoying the play. I had created my kingdom in the middle of a war. Kingdom Candlebain and the Lionhart family were at war due to the death of the crowned prince in Candlebain. Queen Adia established herself as a pacifist nation and began treating soldiers on both sides. Oh Candlebain did not like that and they hired a very trained mercenary to get rid of her.
Enter Raven_Fyresoul.

He was one of the elite in Ayenee (Art and Entertainment) and his role playing skill was amazing. His five paragraph intro into a room made you want to shake his hand. The visuals he created were just...oh...I'm getting off the subject.

Raven_Fyresoul had been hired to take out the pacifist queen in the night. He stalked her for a few days before he made his move. She was in the palace garden at her favorite time of the day. Narybu boasted strange and rare flowers and there was a type of flower that bloomed and sang only once a day. She was sitting in the corner of the garden watching intently on this small patch of flowers. 

Small strands of her blue hair were stuck to her forehead since it was a little warm that day. He was behind a tree a few feet from her. She wasn't aware and he was able to walk right up behind her. She had seen his shadow and turned around quickly and gasped at his presence. 

Antioch always announced himself and his intentions before killing, and he did just that. A tear ran down her cheek and she whispered that she understood and all that she asked of him was to wait a little bit and let her hear these flowers sing one last time before he completed his mission. Without getting an answer from him, she turned back to the flowers and waited.

 He looked on as the strange little flowers bloomed and released the sweetest melody he had ever heard. The Queen stood up and turned to face him. She told him that he was free to do what he must and didn't take her eyes off of his. For the first time in his career, Antioch couldn't kill. There was something about her that he respected and he wouldn't destroy her. Instead, he became her personal bodyguard and no one dared to send any other mercenary to go up against him.

That is how we first met. In character in a Yahoo chat room. We began to talk out of character and fell in love pretty quickly. After all, we were both only 17. The funny thing was we had no idea what the other looked like. I must admit, I was pretty nervous when I realized I was in love with a voice and a private message window.

 Back then there weren't cell phones with camera's or web cams. I mean, I'm sure there were, we just didn't have one. So, in my senior year of high school, we sent in the mail photos of us to each other. When I got his photo, I fell in love all over again. He was such a scrawny little white boy with the bluest eyes ever. He had the same reaction. He said he loved my skin tone and he wanted to lick me.

After I graduated high school, I flew out to Missouri to meet him for the first time. I remember that moment in the airport terminal like it was last night. We knew from that moment that we were made for each other. 

Sadly, we were too young. We faced a lot of hardships and obstacles that we couldn't deal with. We were that young couple that thought that all we needed was each other. Real life wasn’t forgiving towards us and we soon realized that we were still just kids. In the end of that 4 year relationship we said some pretty hateful things to each other. We cut ties and never looked back.

Over the years we both had other relationships, but we were never 100% into them. Somewhere in our hearts, we knew that we were suppose to be together, even if we hadn’t spoken to each other since the breakup.

Several years, later we found our way back to each other. Facebook, yes Facebook, was the tool that put us in contact with each other again. After just a few messages back and forth, it was apparent we had both grown up and the love we had for each other never died. Instead of rushing like we did before, we waited almost 9 months to decide this was it. He moved from Arkansas to here and this is where we are now.

I feel like we are still getting to know each other, which is okay, because I learn something new about him everyday. We still love each other as much as we did when we were 18, but now we have the tools and the experience to handle life and those difficult obstacles that destroyed us the first time around.