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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Journey Continues

I met Jason at my interview for my first teaching job. He was one of the members of the interview committee. He gave me a tour of the school as well as my future classroom. He gave me information about the town saying it was a bit like "Northern Exposure." We were both involved in relationships that were on their last wheel at that particular moment, so we really didn't think of each other in "that way". At the end of my first year, he asked me out after the school's faculty athletic golfing event for a few drinks. We had became pretty good friends over the past school year. So, I felt that I knew him pretty well. I said "of course" to the date. We had a great time, and it felt like I knew him much longer that I did. We dated for two years, were engaged for 6 months, married, and moved overseas before our first anniversary. It's been a great trip. I couldn't imagine life's journey without him.