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Monday, July 27, 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

In June, 2011, while living in Berlin, I picked up a German Vogue magazine in an attempt to brush up on my language skills. One of the interviews in Vogue that month, was a charming interview with Jennifer Garner.

Along with discussing the actress's current work and overall career, Ms.Garner found herself talking about her husband, Ben, and what a great dad he is. Interviews, unlike tabloids, focus on areas the celebrity chooses. In this article it was clear that the Garner-Affleck family, like many others, had funny stories about life at home that they were delighted to share with the reader. One part of the article was particularly difficult to translate, it had something to do with Ben Affleck and his daughter's hair.

After struggling a bit, I finally figured out what the article was discussing. It ended up that Jennifer Garner was saying that one could always tell when Dad was in charge of the two girls by looking at the way their hair was "arranged" when they left the house.

 This image made me remember when my husband brought my two daughters into the hospital to see their new baby sister. The girls had chosen their own outfits and had asked my husband for help braiding their hair. The result was wonderful; a wild mix of independence, attempt at symmetry, and a feeling of huge accomplishment.

At the time the 2011 interview was published, I was delighted to learn that the couple was expecting a baby boy. Now all interviews contain the sad news of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck splitting up.

I hope that somehow they continue to find some happiness together in their parenting and with their growing family, and eventually learn to laugh with one another again.