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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Close Your Eyes And Defy Gravity

Sometimes when love comes along, you just have to have a little in your friends, faith in the guy, and faith that everything will work out. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and just close your eyes....and defy gravity.
The story of how we met began in November of 2007.  My best friend suggested that I go to her company Christmas party with a coworker she wanted me to meet.  I have never been the type of person eager to be set up, so I was happy to tell her that I had plans for that same day.  Time passed, and my family and I paid a visit to this same best friend on New Year's Eve.  She made mention of this coworker again.  Once again, I blew off the idea of getting set up.

Flash forward to April of 2008.

My  friends and I found ourselves  at Sea World for the day.  For dinner, we decided to eat at a local Korean BBQ restaurant.  When we got to the restaurant, my friend told me that we needed to leave one extra seat empty.  Apparently, "the coworker" was meeting us there.  I didn't want to sit next to him, so I made another friend sit next to me.  I didn't know the guy, there was no way he was going to sit next to me while I ate! Knowing he was coming made me so nervous.  Instead of looking for what to order, I spent most of the time watching the door, trying to figure out which guy was going to walk through and come straight to our table.  It felt like an eternity for him to arrive.  It seemed like at the very moment I decided to look away from the door was the very moment he decided to walk in.

He introduced himself to the group, sat across from me, and we all had a nice dinner.  There was something about him that seemed different from every other guy I had met.  I don't know if it was "sparks" or if it was "love at first sight."  All I know was that this first meeting was definitely not going to be the last.  He made me feel comfortable.  He was easy to talk to and joke around with.  I even ended up sharing some of my rice with him.  He was that kind of guy that made you feel like you had known him forever.

We left dinner that night, but we didn't exchange contact information.  We just ended the night with a "nice to meet you" and "good-bye."

A few days later, my best friend gave me his cell phone number because she wanted me to ask him for help on something.  We've never stopped texting each other since.

Our first date was in April at Disneyland.  We got married the following October and are now happily together with a new family.