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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Monkey Love :)

Scott and I worked together at an Internet Media company, Gorilla Nation Media (Hence the Monkey Love) in Los Angeles. The first moment I saw him (when he’d come in to interview), I thought he was very handsome. Scott will tell you that he doesn’t remember seeing me that day, but he does remember me coming into the HR office on his first day and taking his breath away…..

After that, we both caught glances of each other everyday and he finally invited me and some other co-workers out for happy hour. When I got to the bar, we ended being the only people there. We laughed and talked and I knew that night that he was, and is, a special man. We became fast friends, lunch buddies and eventually began our courtship. We continued to share many laughs, conversations and understanding – something that we both needed.

After a trip to Sacramento for a holiday party, love just bloomed.
We got engaged Christmas 2010 and we will be getting married October 2012.

Aint love grand???