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Friday, April 27, 2012

A Knock On The Door

Back in 2004, I was a college girl, with a busy schedule between playing with several independent rock bands, working in a computer store and completing my final university assignments. He, on the other hand, was a 30 year-old guy who spent most of his days playing computer games with his friends, and had a great time enjoying unemployment.

We were busy with our own lives, until that bright day, when I took one of my friends to this cafe where my band loved to hang out. To my surprise, she suddenly said, “Wait a minute.. I know this place!” to which I replied, “Of course you do, didn’t I tell you all about this cafĂ© so many times, but you always refused to come?”
“Not that cafe, but that house next to it. My boyfriend once took me there to meet his friend. There’s a guy there, his name is Egi. We spent an entire day there, playing computer games and watching movies!”

So there I was, in front of an old house and waving to my friends at the cafe, telling them to wait for a moment. We stood in front of his door, and my friend began to knock. He was sleeping, but then had to wake up because of my friend wouldn’t stop knocking.

Finally, there he was, opening the door with a face full of curiosity. “Yes?” he said.
My friend easily replied, “Hey! Remember me?”
And so began the awkward moments. He finally let us in. My first impression of him was, “Damn, something about him looks like Johnny Depp, even though he just woke up from an afternoon nap..”
Yummy.” I said to myself.
After that I just knew that I had to see him again.
The first thing I did each morning was send a text message to my girl friend, asking her to take me to that house again, “Don’t you want to play those computer games at his place?” or “There’s something wrong with my computer’s hard disk, I need him to fix it and you must take me there!!”
Of course, I believe he knew all along there was nothing wrong with the disk. If anything was wrong at all, it was my heart. I could not get him off my mind. I still didn’t know whether he felt the same way about me when we first met.One day I stopped at his place after attending one of my friends’ wedding party. I wore this pretty dress, and my friend forced me to put some make-up on my face. I had to look prettier than usual. Finally he began to make his moves.
I can’t really remember what happened next, the details, and how our relationship started, all I know a year later I was at his mom’s house, surrounded by his family and everyone was busy staring at me. “What’s your problem, people??” I thought to myself.
Then he said, “I was told,by my family, to marry you in January 2006, which is 4 months from now. What do you think? Can we make it in such limited time?”
And well, we did, sort of make it, despite the fact that he was unemployed when we got married. He got a job, and our marriage has survived until this very day. On May 2009, we welcomed another member to our family, a baby boy, named “Bintang” (meaning bright star) He is pretty much a male version of myself with some of my husband’s character inside.
Our marriage may not be perfect, but I have a husband who thinks I’m the perfect woman, wife, and mom, despite my laziness to clean the house, to exercise, and to wear make up. And for that, I’m so glad that my friend and I had the courage to knock on his door and wake him up from his afternoon nap, eight years ago.