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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Boston to Berlin

I was teaching at a Boston high school in a job that was filled with long days and stress. Going out on a "school night" was never possible. This one night, though, I made an exception.

 Out with a friend for drinks and dancing to some 80's music, I saw this cute guy out on the floor with his friend. They were here on vacation from Germany.

We were the only four dancing, and he danced closer and closer. I needed to rush off to get enough sleep for the day ahead, but I promised to call him.

 He was surprised that I followed up, and the next night while snuggling and watching a movie he said smiling, "You're not just a guy for one night." The way he said it, with his charming German accent, made me fall for him right away.

I'd had a bad experience with a long distance relationship, and I was reluctant to have another,but he was always reassuring and coaxed me through the first few months.

A year later I made the move to Berlin.