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Sunday, July 11, 2010

SUMthing About SUMmer

The day after graduation, I was hanging out with my friend Lydia. We just got to my house and I realized I had left my keys with my sister, so we were locked out.In the meantime, we called Lydia's brother, Luke to come and hang out with us because I hadn't seen him since I had been back from Germany. So I said "Come over to the house I want to see you!" He came over and brought a "buddy" of his....

(JOEY).They saw we were locked out, so Joey gets his credit card out and opens the door because it wasn't dead bolted. anyway we were hanging out at the house. Some more people came over. We were playing charades and I made a fool of myself. Of course Luke and Joey were 'too good' to play the game so it was just a bunch of girls playing. During the game Joey was texting Luke (Lydia's brother) and wondered who the girl in the jeans and white t-shirt was and wanted to know if Luke liked me because if he didn't HE wanted to get to know me. And the rest is history. That night he said I was the only one in the room. I know corny, but it's cute!

He's really fun to be around! I enjoy spending time with him, I feel like I've known him forever. He's also in a big family. He's one of eight children and I'm one of seven. We are both 4th oldest and my birthday is the day after his. Isn't that weird?? I knew you would like all that info:)