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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Seth Meyers and Alexi Ashe

It seems that Seth Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe are quite familiar with special occasions taking dramatic turns.

Seth and Alexi met, as many couples do, at the wedding of a friend.  It was love at first sight and the couple married in October 2013. Unfortunately, Alexi had a rushed trip to the ER when she suffered food poisoning at the rehearsal dinner. As she lay passed out on the gurney, a nurse walked by and commented: "You're not getting married today." That's all Alexi needed! She sat up, recovered and said, "I'm getting married today!"

The birth of their son, Ashe, gave occasion for another dramatic family event.

During his 2016 opening monologue, Seth Meyers did a lovely job of sharing the Easter Sunday rush to the hospital as Ashe decided to arrive two weeks early. Seth credited Uber driver, Tariq for his calm compassion and capability in the face of a stressful situation. Of course, Seth then went on to praise his wife for enduring intense labor in the back seat of the car and holding it together until they arrived to meet their "bunny-eared" baby delivery team.

Two years later, Seth announced the birth of his second son, Axel, on  April 10th 2018.
 Referring back to the Easter "Uber Story" he  began his opening monologue by saying,
"Well...move over that story."

This time Alexi did not even make it down in the elevator before the baby made his speedy entrance. Once again, Seth praised his wife for staying collected while surrounded by the NYC fire department as the cord was cut, and she snuggled her new little guy.

Who knows what the next Ashe-Meyer drama will be? Let's hope that whatever the start, the endings continue to be joyous.