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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Le Baiser de l'Hotel de Ville

Robert Doisneau

My heart always lies in Paris...especially this weekend.
Pour Paris avec amour...

One Valentine's Day, my very romantic husband gave me a framed copy of Robert Doisneau's Le Baiser. It has always hung over my writing desk offering inspiration and invitation to travel and romance. Dreams do come true, and we have been to Paris many times, each time discovering romance in another part of the beautiful city, all looking like the background of the wonderful Doisneau photographs.

 Robert Doisneau is one of France's best known photographers,and is known for his street photography and the many images of everyday French life. He is quoted as saying,"The marvels of daily life are so exciting; no movie director can arrange the unexpected that you find in the street." 

The famous kiss in fornt of l'Hotel de Ville has the spark of spontaneity in its action. The lovers in the photo,were Françoise Delbart, 20, and Jacques Carteaud, 23, both aspiring actors. In 2005 Françoise Bornet (née Delbart) remembered that

 "He told us we were charming, and asked if we could kiss again for the camera. We didn't mind. We were used to kissing. We were doing it all the time then, it was delicious. Monsieur Doisneau was adorable, very low key, very relaxed." 

Although the relationship between Delbart and Carteaud only lasted for nine months, the The Kiss is one of the most celebrated photographs of modern times.

Robert Doisneau had his own romantic meeting. When a lovely French girl, named Pierette, came cycling through the village where he was on holiday, the two fell in love and were married. Unlike the lovers in Le Basiere de l'Hotel de Ville, Robert and Pierette Doisneau were married and remained together until death parted them in 1993. 

Vive le baiser et la romance!

Robert Doisneau