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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Xisca Perello & Rafael Nadal

In their third match in 4 years, Rafael Nadal defeated Novak Djokovic to win his 2nd U.S. Open singles title.

By all accounts, Nadal is not only an amazing athlete, but also a very decent guy. Just look at his long term relationship with his girlfriend, Maria Francisca Perello, better known as Xisca.

Nadal and Perello grew up in the same town on the island of Majorca and started dating when they met in school in 2005. Their relationship had a chance to deepen and mature before Nadal became the tennis star he is today.

Xisca is apparently becoming more accustomed to the limelight and has been seen cheering Nadal on at the U.S. Open along with his sister and his mother. Rafa has called Xisca one of the loves of his life, along with his parents and sisters.

Game, Set, Match...Congratulations!