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Thursday, August 24, 2017


The U.S. Tennis Open is on, and present will be tennis champion, John McEnroe. Known for his devastating serves and volleys which led to his 17 Grand Slam titles, McEnroe is also known for his on court tantrums and abusive language which led to his being known as something of an...well,you know ... anyway, McEnroe has left the bad boy image behind and has emerged a favorite commentator and participant of today's world of tennis.   His most important match, with Patty Smyth ended in a Love-All score.
 In 1993 Patty Smyth,former lead singer of The Scandals, was focusing on a single career both as a musician and a mom. She remembers meeting John McEnroe at a Christmas party in Los Angeles.  "His three kids hung onto him like monkeys," she says of Mac,  "His sweetness was surprising." McEnroe recalls that a mutual pal intended to set him up with Smyth that night but forgot to tell her. "I tried in my own pathetic way to ask Patty out," he says, "but she was going away the next day." Their first real date was nearly a year later, and she says, "I knew that night I was safe with him."
Many years and six kids later the couple have a very successful least off the court.
He still needs work on one part of his game. "John is banned from playing tennis with us," says Smyth. "He tortures me. We all get too mad at him."
McEnroe says fatherhood keeps him mellow. "The good part of having six kids," he says, "is there's always one who wants to hug you and say, 'Daddy, I love you.'" In lieu of date nights, he and Smyth watch movies and play Scrabble with the kids. And while he's not big on flowers, she says, "He's affectionate and totally devoted." 
McEnroe-Smyth  final score  Love-All,,20271190,00.html