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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heart and Soul

Last year, on August 17th, Bethany Hamilton, of Soul Surfer fame, married Adam Dirks. Hamilton met Dirks, a Christian youth minister, through mutual friends at her church. The two fell in love and announced their engagement last spring.

In an interview with "In Touch" magazine, Bethany confided,

"I always felt it would be hard for me to meet someone, because I'm different. To say that I was completely comfortable looking at myself in the mirror and seeing one arm would be a lie. I just had to trust in God and know that he had someone special for me."

Bethany Hamilton is one of my heroes. She has inspired all with her story of survival and courage following the loss of her arm in a shark attack when she was only 13. Motivated by her family's love, her personal faith and her amazing perseverance Bethany reclaimed surfing for her own, and was able to become one of the top surfer's in the world. She was also determined to use her own misfortune to learn how to motivate others and reach out to those in need.

Bethany's love of challenge is not limited to the world of surfing. This past March she teamed up with driver, Chrissie Beavis, to complete the world's only all-women off-road rally race; the 23rd annual Gazelle Rally.

In the Gazelle, racers must reach a series of check points across the grueling Sahara desert using the shortest distance.

Was Hamilton just "along for the ride"? No way!
Doing the bulk of the driving in a car with no modifications, she negotiated some of the highest dunes in the world while Chrissie Beavis performed the navigation.
They finished an impressive 8th out of 150 teams.

It's no surprise that Bethany Hamilton's "someone special" should be a companion in adventure, in faith, and in love.

"Adam and I love to live healthy, active lifestyles, and we hope to share that with others. I'm excited to go on some adventures with him as well."

Let's hope he can keep up:)