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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sticking It Out Through Good Times and Bad

One question we have been asked which I find to be a little complicated to answer is “How did we meet?”  Well it goes a little something like this.  We went to school together.  The End. 

No really we did go to school together.  Even though we lived near each other we went to different middle schools but we went to the same Jr. High School.  It was there we had our first encounter, one we wouldn’t even realize till after we were together and looking at old pictures she had from school that she took and found one of me.  It just so happened I was walking across the field at school one day and someone called my name I turned to look and “snap” my picture was taken; frozen in time, never to see that picture again, until approximately 21 years later. 

Imagine that.  That was around 7th or 8th grade.  We go on to high school, me the shy quiet type, her the outgoing type.  We both had the same mutual friends, hung out at some of the same places, like Daytona Beach and a few spots around town. We never actually talked to each other, but we always knew of each other, like we were best friends and didn’t know it.

So we graduated and went on with our lives.  That was in 1990.  Fast forward to 8 April 2006, I’m considering divorce, and I get this message on Myspace from Shannon asking if I remembered her. 

I responded that I did of course and often wondered what had happened to her and she had wondered the same of me.  We talked, became close, etc.  In June 2006 I asked for a divorce from my ex finally.  Shannon too was on the verge, but wasn’t quite prepared.  Well, through some stupid mistakes on my part it took me until December to finally sit down and write her and tell her how I really felt about her.  Now one thing to remember is I lived here in Virginia and she lived in Texas.  I stayed electronically by her side till the day she left her ex.  We then became inseparable.

On May 4, 2009 we got married and she and her kids moved to Virginia.  These past three years have been the most difficult ever for us.  We have had trial after trial, but we are weathering it through and still together.