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Sunday, March 10, 2013

More Than Friends

I was attending Snow College, about a one hour drive from my parents. Like every good college student I hitched a ride home some weekends carrying loads of laundry, just to avoid the coin laundry outside my apartment door.  One weekend while visiting home, I was invited to attend a Singles Halloween Party (hosted by our church). I went with my older brother who was living at home, and a bunch of his friends from church. I got to meet this really nice guy. So I started going home on weekends to date this guy.

 I initially asked him out, but he eventually came around and asked me a couple times. In February (just a few short months after first meeting this guy) he called me up to see if I would be home that weekend, and if I'd like to double up with his friend. It sounded like fun, so I made arrangement to go home that weekend. "guy" picked me up, and we headed to his friends house to pick him and his date up. When we got there, my date called his friend to make sure he was home (I thought it was odd, because why not just ring the doorbell? anywhoo!). He was home, but his date had canceled on him. Now what? Well, we decided to head inside my date's friend's house (his parents actually) to play games.  Fun, I thought, me and two guys!This could be the most awkward date I've ever been on. It turned out to be pretty fun, though. The friend was living in his parents basement, so I got a quick meet with his parents, before we headed to the basement to find the friend. We got to talking and found out "friend" and I had attended the same high school,
but he had graduated before I went there (making him 4 years older than me). His mom was pretty sweet too, she brought us some home made chocolate chip cookies.

Two weeks later "my guy" invited me to his birthday party. Sounded fun, and a good way to see what kind of friends he had, and what he liked to do. Well, of course, the friend from our double date was there too. It was nice to have one other familiar face at this party.  We played games, ate cake, and opened presents.

People started leaving, and I was trying hard to find any reason to be the last person there. I just wanted a special moment on "guy's" birthday with him. However, the friend from the double, would NOT leave! He just kept hanging around! Sheesh, they must be really good friends I thought.  So I sucked it up, and told "guy" goodnight, and I hoped he had a fun birthday, and what do you know, friend decided to leave at the same time.

On the way to my car, the friend said it was nice to see me again, and he hoped he would see me around more. I, not thinking straight, was really hoping to see more of "friend" only because I planned on dating "guy" much more!  So my response was a simple "you'd better".  I got in my car and immediately thought what a stupid comment that was! What in the world was I thinking? I wasn't thinking!
 Well, if you haven't guessed it yet, about two weeks after the birthday party I get a phone call from the friend. He wanted to know if I would go out on a date with him. I was so grateful I was in a class when he called so it was only a message on my phone. I was baffled! Seriously, I had never given this guy so much as a friendly thought in thinking about "my guy". I got home from my day of classes and had a pow wow with my room mates. Thank goodness for them, and their level headedness.

They helped me see, that the friend would've obviously had to get my number from the guy, since I never gave it to him. The question was, did he sneak it off "guy's" phone, or did guy give it to him willingly? We decided either way it couldn't hurt to at least go out with him and see. So I did.  And if that wasn't a more awkward date than the first one I met him on I don't know what is! See his idea of a date with me, was to accompany him to a college basketball game, where he was playing in the pep band. After the game we went to his parent's house, on a double date with you guessed it "guy" and his date for the evening, to watch none other than Short Circuit. It was weird to say the least. See "guy" and his date sat on opposite sides of one couch. While myself and friend sat right next to each other.

I decided "friend" was definitely worth more dates, and we started dating exclusively. Well, that was all the beginning of March 2005, and on April 3rd 2005 Mark Priddis (the friend) asked me to be his wife. I said yes. We married on July 29, 2005