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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Wrong Place...Right Time

I never thought I'd meet my fiance in a girl's bathroom.

My future husband Jai spent his teen years in the resort town of Seaside, Oregon, then moved to Arizona for a decade. In 2002, he decided to move back to the Oregon coast to be near family. One of the things he had missed about living in Seaside was the Kajukenbo martial arts school where he had trained for some time and earned a brown belt. I had begun training at that same dojo two years prior, and attended classes three nights a week.

Once Jai moved back to Oregon, he registered for the class right away so he could resume his martial arts training. On his first night back at the dojo, he stood in the lobby waiting for the men's room to vacate so that he could change into his Karate gi (uniform). The instructor of the class, whom we address as "Sifu (teacher)", asked Jai why he was standing around.

"The men's room is occupied, I'm just waiting for it to open so I can change," he replied.

"There's no one in the girl's room - just change in there," Sifu asserted. As I was the only female in the class at this time, our teacher assumed the girl's room would be empty. Jai felt very uncomfortable with the idea of going into the women's restroom, so he assured Sifu that he'd just wait.

"No, seriously," Sifu insisted. "There is no one in the girl's room. It's totally empty. Go change in there!"

Finally, Jai relented and walked into the ladies' room - and saw me standing in front of the mirror, removing my makeup. He blustered an apology, mortified, and quickly retreated.

We've been together ever since!