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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Having The Time Of My Life

This is the story of how I met my husband, he has a whole different story, but, well, that’s a different story altogether. After 21 years of marriage, WE,have established that I am almost always right.

I was 16 and living in Guatemala, my father was stationed there with the American Embassy, and I was having, much like the popular movie of that time, having the time of my life. I was a singer in a 80’s pop foursome, and because of a Guatemalan law, incoming International concerts had to have local act open for them, which was our group.  That meant playing for crowds of thousands of people and boy was it FUN! The largest concert we ever played was a converted bull-fighting ring, and it was a logistical nightmare. The security company decided to bring in some large local College boys, think College Hunks hauling Junk types, and they served as the VIP Security and Security for the different Pop Groups.

I was back stage and had thrown up I was so nervous, there was almost 10,000 spectators, suddenly behind me was man acquaintance and his friend, a drop dead gorgeous hunk of a man. My brain processed there was a beautiful man talking to me, but my nervousness overrode my brain and I did not say much. As they walked away I heard him and our mutual friend talking about me and then he said“She has a rocking body.” As a former fat kid, that was it, I was in love.

Within a couple of weeks this gorgeous bad boy was picking me up at my house on a motorcycle, and I was all too eager to jump on the back and ride away.  He went of to College in Colorado and my father was transferred to the Dominican Republic. And thus died my short lived career as a Pop Star. Some time went by, he finished school in the States, I finished high school in the Dominican Republic and came back to Guatemala to spend the summer. I was 18, he was 22, we spoke on the phone made plans to meet that night, and after that single night were inseparable, that was early June of 1989, we were married on August 31st 1989.

I was a teenage bride, I was a teen Mom, two things that I do not recommend to anyone. In fact when I see my sons, now 19 and 20, realize they are older than I was when I got married and had my first baby I am shocked at how young I was.  However 21 years later, I am 39 and he is 43 and we are in love and still married and often tell each other that it is impossible to imagine life with out each other.  We have fun, we laugh, we argue and annoy each other, but we are a family and we are everything to each other.

The Hub's Version

My husband insists we met once before the infamous concert. He is sure we met hanging outside “Cines Plaza” right next door to the arcade. I would normally not even validate this version of the story, but he may be right. My best friend had a small obsession with a boy I had never even seen. One lazy Sunday afternoon we got a phone call at her house saying “the boy is hanging out at the arcade next to Cine Plaza” The girl network kept us informed, I remind you , this was back in the days of public phone, and still we were informed. We jumped in her car and drove to the Arcade. We pretended to casually walk around and bump into her crush. There he was, hanging out with a group of guys, and boy was he cute, we chit chatted a few minutes and then left, as not to seem desperate. So you see ,my husband was in that group of guys and he sure noticed me, I on the other hand was to interested in checking out my best friends obsession to ever notice my future husband. So, you see, I call this our “almost meet” my husband claims it is his version of how we met and claims it was love at first sight.