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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Being In Love Is A Great Feeling

It was January 28, 2001 and I was 25 years old. It was our barrio fiesta, which we Filipinos love to celebrate. It is a time to enjoy and see friends, while savoring different kinds of food prepared for the celebration. I had lots of friends who came to the fiesta, and there was this guy who a friend introduced to me as a "soldier". At that time I didn't care much, since he didn't catch my attention. For me he was just an ordinary guy. So we all chatted and shared stories of what's happening with each other. What I remember is that we were seated next to each other, and I can say that it wasn't love or crush at first-sight for me, because I barely even noticed what he wore that day. Our mutual friend was surprised that I had a cell phone and asked for my number, not even considering that he didn't have a cell phone of his own. This guy beside me offered to get my number and save it on his cell phone temporarily for our friend. The night ended, and it was early the next morning when I received a blank text from an unknown number. It was, of course, the “soldier” guy. I texted back and he replied that he was thinking of me while he was getting ready for work in Manila. From then on, we became textmates. 
Four months later, I accepted a job in Manila and we spent more and more time together. I had suitors before, but this one felt unique. I was not afraid to show my love in front of my family, and I wasn’t worried that he was only 20 and had just enlisted in the Philippine Air Force. We just clicked and it felt like everything was destiny.
After a year, it was at the barrio fiesta again, he asked my family for my hand in marriage. He told me that there were nights when he felt like crying because he did not want me to ever leave, and that, even though he was so young, he felt ready to start a family with me. So, on March 17, 2002 we were married, and today we have an intelligent and bubbly eight year old son, who is literally just like his dad.
Now as I am writing this, I can still feel butterflies in my stomach when he texts me asking how’s my day and how our son’s doing?  My hubby has his imperfections and so do I, but our love for each other brings out the best in us. We’ve passed through a lot of storms (even typhoons and earthquakes) in our relationship, but I know that we will end up together. We can face the future because, we bound and guided by our fate and the One who planned our meeting. God has been good to us, and now, as I am telling our story, I can't help but smile. Being in love is great feeling.