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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Love & Appreciation At Last

I wish I had some romantic story to tell of how we met. I wish I could tell you that I knew he was the one right away and that it was love at first sight. It wasn’t like that at all. First off, we met in a bar. And I’m pretty sure I was pretty tipsy. It was Wednesday night (yea, call it my mid-week stress reliever) and my girlies and I headed to our usual Wednesday night locale at the local watering hole. I’m a happy drunk, so after throwin’ back a few beers and some shots with the girls, I was being my friendly self and saying hi to random strangers at the bar. Mr. Sushi crossed my path and I said, “hello”.Mr. Sushi: What nationality are you?
Me: White and  Filipino.
Mr. Sushi: Me too!!
Me: No way! Here’s my phone number.
I got the traditional 2 day call back and while I’d like to say the rest is history, it wasn’t so easy. We “casually” dated for months and he would tell me he wanted to be “official”, then take it back; he also took back the first two times he told me he loved me.  Our first year was rocky. We dealt with insecurities, trust issues….we even broke up once for about 4 months. Then Mr. Sushi got into some trouble. And I was there for him. For ALL of it. This gave him a whole new respect and appreciation for me. I forgave him for the past and after time we formed a new relationship, a more fulfilling one. Two years after all the drama, our relationship now is stronger than ever.