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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happily Ever After Romance

The first time I met D, I was looking for a studio space near the Waldorf School our children attended.  I wanted to be able to drop the kids off and get a few hours of uninterrupted doll making in while they were in class. My husband, kids and I lived a 45 minute drive away so it was too time-consuming to go home and come back again.

A woman I had met at the kindergarten said that she and her husband had a barn with an upstairs room that I could use. I met her at her house and we walked over to the old barn. Smoke was coming out of the chimney.
"Is someone else using the barn?" I asked.
"It's just my husband. He doesn't need the whole space," she replied and we entered the building. It was clearly a workplace of some sort with lots of car related parts, fixtures and tools. Sitting at a tall desk on one side of the room was an attractive dark haired man with a mustache, speaking on the phone.
"Probably to a customer," I thought. I couldn't help but notice what a delightful accent he had. English? Australian? Had his wife told me that they had come from South Africa?

My musings were interrupted when the husband finished the phone call. We were introduced and my new friend explained to him that I was interested in renting the upstairs room. Judging from the scowl that darkened his face, it became clear to me that she had not discussed this idea with him before. He was quite direct in indicating that the space was NOT available, as he used it for his work AND he was very busy so Good Day!
Needless to say, I left abruptly and rented a studio elsewhere!

That was our first meeting. In the end, he turned out to be a very wonderful fellow. Our families became fast friends and we all got together often for the next couple of years. He and I were the best of friends and even consulted with one another about our unhappy relationships; exchanging ideas for improving them. We had much in common and enjoyed many laughs together.

When our marriages ended within a short time period of one another we discussed living together to save money. I was opposed to it at first because I wanted to date him and possibly begin a real relationship with him. I was concerned about the "rebound" effect and was afraid it might ruin our relationship before it began. He was very interested in me as well and in the end we decided that we should give it a shot.

We never looked back. The two of us have enjoyed nearly 15 years of unwedded bliss! He proposed to me in Scotland a couple of years ago and we will be married on the Blue Moon of August 2012. We are excited to continue our Happily Ever After Romance!

In Joy,
Sara McGoodwin
Chief Executive Romance Goddess
Romantic Ideas