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Saturday, July 7, 2012

And The Rest Is History

I was still nursing my wounds from a previous relationship's break up after six months. I told me friends I was planning a "wedding-not-marriage" because I wanted the fun of having a wedding, but not the risk of opening my heart to hurt again. I went to a student mission conference with some friends (including my former boyfriend), dead set against meeting anyone. I was there for the conference, NOT to pick up a guy. The second day of the conference, I attended a workshop session on a country I had visited two years prior. I put my booklet down before lunch to save a seat for myself, then went to eat. When I came back to the room after lunch, my booklet had been moved and the room was completely full except for one seat in the back, which was two seats away from my good friend Rusty. I figured the guy sitting next to Rusty could move down and I could sit next to him (Rusty). Unbeknown to me, Rusty had met Elias the night before playing basketball and thought "he's going to be Ali's next boyfriend."
So Rusty didn't let Elias move over--he made me sit next to him. He did introduce us right before the session started and we shared a handout during the session. We barely spoke the rest of that day. I think I saw him once the next day and said hi, but we didn't go much beyond that. I was kind of interested but still on guard so I decided I was NOT going to give out my contact information if anyone happened to ask for it (which was weird because I'm not the type of girl to get hit on a lot and no one had ever asked for my email or phone number before). The last day of the conference Elias and I talked for all of five minutes and he said he wanted to keep in touch so he could see where I ended up in life. Because I'm not the type of girl to get asked for my email or phone number, I didn't realize he was asking for my contact info, so I didn't give it! We both got distracted with saying goodbye to other people, and later that night right before I was leaving to go home, he came over and gave me a piece of paper. All he said was "Here. Bye." And then he left. The piece of paper had his email on it, so when I got home from the conference I sent him an email and we started writing back and forth until we realized it was easier to IM. Then we realized it was easier to talk on the phone, and THEN we realized we were falling in love and the rest is history! Needless to say, I got over my failed relationship with my former boyfriend pretty quick, and now I'm planning my wedding AND marriage!
Thanks! It's fun to remember!