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Friday, April 19, 2013

A Big Win For Texas!

James (I was born and raised in God's country a.k.a. Houston Texas;the only place in the U.S. with decently warm weather)
and I ( born and raised in New Jersey's really lovely I swear!)
met at our orientation BBQ for grad school. I suppose many would call it fate... we never saw each other the entire event. Earlier in the day during orientation I had met some fellow religion students, so I had strictly mingled with my new friends, while James (who didn't have orientation until 2 weeks later) made himself some friends. Several people in both our groups wanted to meet the president of the university, so while our friends attempted to weasel their way closer to the president, we ended up face to face introducing ourselves- having a side chat. Within 5-10 minutes James had left his new group of friends to spend the remainder of the night with us. I called him the next day and well you know how that turned out.
James (I indulge in a variety of amazing, quasi-esoteric hobbies which I will be more than willing to discuss at length with you if you come to my wedding.)
and I ( the possibilities are endless. We shall see...)
were married in September.